“No one has ever become poor by giving.”

 – Anne Frank

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Chicago History Museum Fundraising

Campaign Communications

Campaign Case Statement for Outdoor History Trail (pdf)

Campaign Case Statement for Collections and Digitization (pdf)

Campaign Case Statement for Endowment (pdf)

Campaign Case Statement for Education (pdf)

Campaign Case Statement for Exhibitions (pdf)

Donor Impact Communications

Giving Day 2020 at the Chicago History Museum

A dedicated day to focus museum constituencies to support the vision of history at the museum on March 3rd, 2020.

Gate Donation Video at Chicago Hot Dog Fest

This video displayed on a 75 foot video screen that welcomed the general public as they entered the gates to the Chicago Hot Dog Fest.  The video was designed to encourage donations at the front gate by cleverly illustrating how support will be used to further the mission and vision of education at the museum.

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Arthur Mokin

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High Tech

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Matthew Knight Arena Opening

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Marine Biology Video