Case 2: Brand Positioning through Event Marketing - The Last Speakeasy

Hundreds of visitors dressed in their finest flapper and gangster garb to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition on December 4th at the Chicago History Museum. The Last Speakeasy features Templeton Rye complimentary whiskey cocktails, a 1930s style orchestra, novelty gambling tables, and Prohibition era storytelling.


Chicago is synonymous with the history of prohibition and the Chicago History Museum seeks to own the prohibition space.   But prohibition is popular and many entertainment and tourist groups want a piece of the prohibition pie.   How can the Chicago History Museum continue be known as the central location for all-things prohibition and fend off competitors who would seek to own this space?


To continue ownership of the prohibition space, I led a marketing team to create a luxury prohibition event which was celebrated on the annual historic date of prohibition repeal in Chicago.   This event came to be known as The LAST SPEAKEASY, which was a play on the concept of when speakeasy’s would no longer be necessary, since alcohol would now be legal. 


This event has consistently sold out with upwards of 700 – 800 high paying attendees, which brings the museum to capacity for this luxury event, and thus solidifies Chicago History Museum’s position as the clear owner of the prohibition market position in Chicago.