Case 6: Guerrilla Marketing - Cubs Scroll

Leveraging large celebrations to build marketing awareness and consumer engagement

Cubs win! Cubs win! Cubs win!

At the Chicago Cubs 2016 world championship win, Chicago held a massive parade in celebration with an estimated 5 million or more in attendance.  This was baseball history and a celebration the City of Chicago desired for over a 100 years.  To leverage this event through a guerrilla style marketing initiative, I took Chicago History Museum staff and a large 60 yard roll of fabric to the parade and we asked Cubs fans to write their favorite memories on it.  Below you can see an aerial view of the 60 yards of fabric at the corner of Michigan and Congress.  

We now have the 60 yards Cubs scroll here at the museum.  On the scroll (as you see below), you will see all kinds of fan comments from comments about lost loved ones who would have wanted to see this day to general fan “Go Cubs” comments and a few expletives about the Cubs rivals. 

The 60 yards of fabric is completely covered with fan comments including “both sides” so that makes 120 yards of Cub fan comments.   This guerrilla marketing initiative engaged thousands of Cubs fans into thinking about Chicago history and to think about their role in visiting the Chicago History Museum.  It was tremendously successful and we continually get requests to see this scroll on display at the museum which has been under consideratio